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Everything To Me (Book 5): Everything To Me, #5

185 pages3 hours


A Serialized YA/NA Crossover Romance. (Warning: Includes Cliffhangers, Strong Language and Sexual Situations. 18+ Only.) 

Dana: I've always been the smart girl, the careful one. 

Not anymore. I feel reckless, desperate. I love him, and it's senior year, my last chance with him before I leave for college, so I'm going to take it. 

What could go wrong? Oh, my God, I had no idea. 

Peter: I've spent years trying to hide how I feel about her. It gets harder every day. 

For so long, she was my best friend, the first person who truly believed in me, sometimes the only one. 

Do I love her? Of course, I do. Can I let her get even deeper into the hellacious mess my life is? 

No way. You don't do that to someone you love. 

**Everything To Me (Book 6) on sale Feb. 28th**

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