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A Guide to Sailboats and Their Systems

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Written for both novice and seasoned boaters, this book provides an in depth description of sailboat types, their design, construction and how the on board systems operate. It is not intended to be the last word on any of the included topics but it will provide a comprehensive overview of sailboats and their installed systems. Questions such as " Why is there a polarity indicator on the shore power panel? " and " What's the difference between a cross cut and a radial cut sail? " will be answered as well as many others. Many pictures and diagrams are included.

Chapter 1: A Brief History of Sailing
Chapter 2: Types of Sailboats and Riggs
Chapter 3: Hull and Deck Construction Methods
Chapter 4: Hull Design and Mechanics
Chapter 5: Sail Design and Construction
Chapter 6: Steering Systems
Chapter 7: Auxiliary Propulsion Systems
Chapter 8: Alternative Fuels for Cooking and Heating
Chapter 9: Vessel and Shore Power Electrical Systems
Chapter 10: Fresh Water Supply and Waste Holding Systems
Chapter 11: Electronics and Instrumentation

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