The Undead Voodoo

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The Undead Voodoo

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Length: 243 pages3 hours


Rosetta Travers has recently moved to New Orleans after growing tired of New York City life. She also wants to be close to her brother, Dorian, after their parents’ deaths in a car accident. She hopes to reconnect with her roots and learn more about her family, her history, and her strange connection to voodoo. 

Exploring her new city, she wanders into one of the specialty Voodoo stores downtown. There, she meets the owner, Matthias Beaumont, and the two instantly feel a connection. He tells her of some strange happenings lately, but she chalks it up to it being the Halloween season. 

However, when she starts meeting the Walking Dead face-to-face, she realizes it is more than a Halloween prank. Somebody has used voodoo to bring the dead back to life. 

Will she solve the mystery in time? Or will she become another victim of the Undead Voodoo?

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