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Chasing Cockroaches: Novella Series Book 1: Hail to the Thief

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A failed relationship means a new start for Vince Manning, but also a return to the streets of his youth. Now 31 years old, the streets haunt him with memories of a time when he turned his back on much of the crime and abuse that was going on around him in one of Bristol’s poorer estates. Now he is back, ignoring the same evils will not be so simple.

Having made a pledge to himself never to stand aside or cower in the face of bullies, Vince finds he is targeted as soon as he moves back in, after an encounter with a petty thief he knew as a youth. This Gavin Ashton smashes his car window and breaks into his flat one day just to prove a point, not being put off that Vince has little of value worth stealing.

A defining life choice is before Vince now and he makes a decision that will define the next period of his life. The decision is to find a means of bringing down the criminal, but he is to realise there are far bigger fish out there and will be treading a risky path if he wishes to keep up his pledge.

Hail to the Thief is part 1 of the 12-part novella series Chasing Cockroaches set to run throughout 2016.

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