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A Factbook of Irish History

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Are you curious about Irish history? You'll find the answers in A Factbook of Irish History

Did you know that Brian Boru's daughter was married to the Viking King of Dublin? Ever wonder what Red Hugh O'Donnell looked and sounded like? Do you know what tumblers did for a living?

Think of the famous dates: 1916, 1798, 1014, and 1169. Ever wonder about the Ancient Celts, the Vikings, the Normans, Protestant Ascendancy and the Anglo-Irish? The answers are here.

Whatever your question on Irish history, this collection of more than 3,000 fascinating facts from the earliest times to 1969 probably contains the answer, delivered in a lighthearted fascinating style.

These historical facts have been grouped into more than 100 categories, making the book extremely easy to use.

Ten years rigorous research, compiling and cross-checking from more than more than 800 primary and secondary sources including every major 19th century Irish historical work ensures that the Factbook of Irish History is as accurate as possible.

Extensive cross-referencing makes this 310,000 word Factbook an invaluable aid for teachers, students and anyone interested in Ireland's past. It will most likely answer any question you could possibly have on Irish history.

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