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Variants of Deja Vu: A Valerie Urniak Mystery, #3

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The past seems to be repeating itself, only with a slightly different twist this time.

Some things in hairdresser Valerie Urniak's life are new and good -- like her happy marriage to Detective John Wilson, and the success of her new shop. But some things are echoing the past in ways she could live without.

Valerie's mettle had been tested as a teenager when she lived through adversity and tragedy. It made her a strong, self-reliant woman, but this time that might not be enough to help her overcome the worst instance of a twisted deja vu.

Variants of Deja Vu is Book 3 in the Valerie Urniak Mystery series, picking up three months after Contrive to Kill, Book 2, ended.

Other books in the Valerie Urniak Mystery series are:

Permanent Damage, Book 1

Contrive to Kill, Book 2

A Ring of Truth, Book 4

Too Soon, Book 5

Dangerous Undercurrents, Book 6

Zugzwang, Book 7

Alternate Lives, Book 8

Partings, Book 9, final book in the series

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