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Yoga: Healthy Diet & How To Eat Healthy: Yoga for Health, Fasting for Health, Healthy Diet, Blood Purification, Organism Cleaning Principles & Food Diet

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By the time a person develops their motivation to start yoga, they are usually half-dead in a sense. Our body impaired by the accumulated waste products (we all know what the fried food is since the age of children, don’t we?), affected by diseases and the environmental ecology has been piled with quite many collapses in the structure of cells, organs, and tissues. One may add to this the starting initial level of energy and its quality, with which we came into this world. Most our parents knew of the good life fundamentals as much as everybody else, i.e. absolutely nothing, and lived their lives and conceived their babies any old how. Therefore, the condition of most of us, far back at the moment of birth, already left much to be desired. When a person of such state starts to do yoga ONLY, then the whole effect of this yoga will come down to compensation of the developing disorders in our organism. As a result, we do not develop any potential though avoid rapid deterioration, which is not so bad by itself…

However, such situation is fraught with many serious complications. Just imagine: you lived your life, ate your food made of not particularly healthy and incompatible modern foodstuffs, your organism, bit by bit, was becoming overgrown with waste… And this waste will still be accumulating! It’s like a kitchen table: no matter how neat you are, your table won’t be clean unless you wipe it out regularly. That is why when someone says “I do eat healthily!” or “Give me a rest! There is nothing so wrong with my food!”, this may be regarded as a mere lack of will to do something. Non-removed by-products have been accumulating in your cells, intercellular space, vessels and ducts and God knows only where…

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