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Movement Primer: Fundamentals of Movement Mechanics to Improve Health, Strength and Training Performance

93 pages42 minutes


Move Better. Get Stronger. Get Fitter.

This book has been made with the objective to help you transform your training results. This is for those tired and want a reliable fitness education based system.  

Our book is launched.

Movement Primer: Fundamentals of Movement Mechanics to Improve Health, Strength and Training Performance. 

It is easy to get lost stepping foot into any big box gym or small niche facility when looking to get fit, strong and simply live a life in ultimate health. The hunt for an ideal framework that is practical may be hard to find. Reputable reliable information may be lost through social streams and web articles. Supporting networks and facts that produce is the solution.

• Are you looking to get the best results, save time and have a system for your daily life? 
• Do you want to do something different, move more and are tired of the same old run around results?
• Are you searching for the fundamentals used by today's top performers, coaches, trainers and consultants?

Then our Movement Primer is for you. 

This pocket product has taken concepts from strength training, coaching and consulting and merged it into a masterpiece on movement. Learn how to move better, feel better and get stronger to improve your health, strength and training performance. If you want simple systems covering movement mechanics, easy warm-up strategies and ways to track your progress in training then once again this book is guaranteed value to whoever owns it.

Find value in between the sheets.

We are made to move. 

What Is Movement?
Preparatory Patterns
Mobility, Flexibility & Dynamic Drills
Foam Rolling & Trigger Point Treatment
Free Body Vs Plate or Weight Loaded
Common Weight Baring Lifts: Overhead Press, Chest Press, Bent-Over Row, Deadlift, Weighted Squat
Frequently Asked Questions
Resources & Tools That Can Be Used To Enhance Movement

Book written by Femi Doyle-Marshall founder of NEWPERSONA.INFO.

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