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Christian Healing

Length: 71 pages46 minutes


“Christian Healing” is a profound and thoughtful book filled with wonderful uplifting images that shows us how we can heal ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It gives an understanding of healing through the Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church, healing from Jesus Our Lord, Mary Our Blessed Mother, the Holy Spirit and all of the Saints and Angels of Heaven.
The author of this book, Patricia Fitzpatrick, is a devout Catholic and a Eucharistic Minister, and her purpose is to find a way to bring sacred healing to our fragile humanity.

Topics in this book on christian living, Catholicism and self help include:

Chapter 1 My Healing Journey
Chapter 2 What is Healing?
Chapter 3 The Making of a Healer
Chapter 4 Healing from the teachings of the Catholic Church of Christ
Chapter 5 The Sacred Scriptures
Chapter 6 Our Blessed Lady Mary Mother of Christ
Chapter 7 Jesus Our Lord and Saviour
Chapter 8 Christian Saints
Chapter 9 Angels of God
Chapter 10 Healing from the Power of Prayer
Chapter 11 Healing from the Holy Spirit
Chapter 12 Healing of Our Family Tree
Chapter 13 Alternative forms of Healing
Chapter 14 Healing from Counseling
Chapter 15 Healing of Our Differences

This is an inspiring and uplifting read and is full of personal insights, worship, devotion and prayers by the author, a devout Catholic and Eucharistic Minister.

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