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Coven of Dixon Cliff

Length: 257 pages3 hours


Cassy and Ayla return to the small SoCal coven they have belonged to since elementary school, to bolster its status and ensure its survival by adding numbers and power. They brought Max along because their first, second, and third choices were unavailable or engaged in activities vital to maintaining “their world.”
You see, the trio chose a different time direction a few years ago to avoid the impending earth apocalypse. It was the destiny for their bloodline, having tried to guide earth for generations.
In the utopia where they reside time space travel is considered risky and mildly forbidden. Strong emotional bonds still exist and occasionally returning to the old time direction and “earth” is tolerated, but strongly discouraged.
Their mission is simple. Help Cassy and Ayla’s old coven defeat a pretend warlock. Have a party and go home. Except Max’s flirtatious nature has them in trouble from day one.

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