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The Curse Of The Diogenes Club

334 pages7 hours


Book 8 in a series of chronological stand-alone plots.

London 1899. The Prince of Wales' New Year’s Eve ball is in full swing when several explosions shatter the festivity. Were they an attempt to assassinate the heir to the throne or, as it seems, intended for Mycroft Holmes himself? What is even less clear is the casus belli - is it related to the powerful Diogenes Club, or perhaps to the untimely death of Princess Paraskovia - the estranged wife of the Russian ambassador.

When Mycroft admits it is not the first attempt on his life, Sherlock, Dr Watson and Countess V decide to take matters into their own hands. The Countess goes undercover, whilst Dr Watson gathers information from within the Turkish baths. Things really start to heat up when most of the suspects gather at ‘Longchamps’ -the country house of Major Nash, Mycroft’s aide de camp.

Will there be another attempt on the life of Mycroft Holmes?

Rivalry between Colonel Moriarty and the Major also begins to heat up - both are reckless, bold, arrogant, and absolutely determined to win the affections of the Countess.

This Victorian murder mystery resurrects several characters from the pages of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for the enjoyment of all Sherlockians.

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