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A Few Obstacles To Love In California: A Pair of Mail Order Bride Romances

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Mail Order Bride: The Lord’s Perfect Gift – The Woman With Polio & The California Farmer - A woman with polio takes the long journey by train to her mail order husband, a farmer in California. She hasn’t told him about her polio, or the fact that she may not be able to have children, but from the beginning he shows her nothing but love and kindness. When she opens up and is truly able to tell him her secret, she is afraid that means she will be sent away.

Mail Order Bride: Sharpshooter From Georgia Tries To Return Three Men to God In California - A woman travels to California to become the mail order bride of an older man and unfortunately, when she arrives she finds out that he’s dead. A preacher tells her that the dying wish of the old rancher was to bring God back in to the life of his three sons, so she decides to honor the old man’s memory and try it. Two of the sons are uncouth and louts, but the third is reasonable so she starts with him. Along the way there are many obstacles as well as some buried treasure, but she despairs of breaking through the barrier of one of the sons, Carl.

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