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Not QUITE a Charmer: The Meadowview Series, #6

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Things get complicated when a matchmaker attempts to teach her next-door neighbor how to charm her identical sister.

No one could ever call Peter Leary a natural born charmer. He always says the wrong thing. In fact, he'd once said the wrong thing and it had cost him a best friend—the same friend who's just moved in next door. Organic farmer Neva Tipton isn't all that happy to discover her next door neighbor is the same man who once let her down, and she's even less happy when she learns she owes the sexy firefighter a favor.

To pay Peter back, Neva agrees to teach him what to say to woo the woman of his dreams. Too bad his dream girl is Neva's identical twin sister.

As Peter makes plans to leave his firefighting job and the small town of Meadowview behind him to travel the world, he keeps finding his plans going up in smoke.

And for Neva, playing matchmaker between her former best friend and her identical twin sister turns out to have consequences she never anticipated—and neither of them are helped by a bothersome porcupine, meddlesome neighbors, and a small town eager to "help" the true course of love.

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