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Where is My Angel?

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Once upon a time, a child was born. Between the different events, that child learned that the end in sight is more important than the beginning. My story is not unique, maybe the sequence happening to one person is. I am every woman, every story behind closed doors, every marriage, and every company.
This is the story of a woman born in Lebanon with an international view on life. After losing her mother at birth, being exiled to the States and experiencing family leaving her life, Badiaa developed an inner strength that has allowed her to cope with events that would have broken someone less strong. With time, she learned to stand alone. She learned about the importance of a smile, she learned about the steps towards happiness, she learned about true friendship, she learned about inner-peace, she learned about what makes a family, and additionally, she learned to differentiate between fate and destiny. Fate came with her birth, but she knew that destiny was in her own hands.

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