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Guardian - An MC Romance Short

29 pages27 minutes


It is then that I realize our business is done. He’s going to leave any minute now, leaving me alone in my house... and I don’t want him to go.


Thieves have been breaking into my little store - the police are worse than useless, so I turn to my last resort. Brock, of the Inferno Riders. He's huge, muscled, tatted, and full of bad intentions. And I can't keep my eyes off him. All I need him to do is scare away these thugs...but once he's done, what are his intentions for me


When she called, she sounded so timid over the phone that I couldn't help but have a little fun with her. But when I get to her place, fuck, she's gorgeous. Curves for days, and in all the right places. She needs me to scare away some amateur thieves - that's nothing for a guy like me. But when I'm done, there's something else I need to attend to. 

Clara. I want her, and I always get what I want...

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