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Facing The Obstacles To Getting Married: A Boxed Set of Four Mail Order Bride Romances

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Mail Order Bride: Hummingbirds In The Garden – The Young Widow & Her New Cowboy Husband - A young widow goes out west to her new cowboy fiancé and is immediately attracted to him; but she cannot forget her first husband and the joy they had together, until a friendly spirit guides her to the love that is waiting in her cowboy’s arms.

Mail Order Bride: Promised To Another But Falling In Love With The Outlaw Cowboy In Colorado - A woman who is the fiancé of a banker, goes to meet him for the first time at his bank, but is treated rudely by the obnoxious man. When three brothers come in demanding their mortgage or money owed to them, one brother defends and then rescues the woman as his two brothers run from the bank. They take off and she wonders how she’ll survive the upcoming hours on the run.

Mail Order Bride: Lucas Running Deer & His Prairie Flower, Leotie - An overweight woman and her sick sister travel west to a mail ordered husband for one of them. When she meets the handsome and kind cattle rancher the fact that he’s half Native American fades into the background. His cousin appears interested in her sister, too. Many things happen after that, not the least of which is the rancher calling Lily ‘Leotie’ -- his Prairie Flower.

Mail Order Bride: Native Fear - A woman decides to go out west after becoming widowed, but when she arrives her fiancé is nothing at all like she imagined he would be. His appearance brings back horrid memories of a family tragedy, and she doubts that she can even speak to him, let alone get married.

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