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The Art Of Winning Poker Tournaments

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Since 2012 I have been teaching how to play poker to students around the globe also visit my site to take poker IQ tests. 

This is a one of a kind book that will imbibe in you the secrets and the art of winning poker tournaments with ease, finesse, brilliance and skill. 
There is so much that goes in winning poker tournaments, if you can become a great tournament professional, then you have conquered the world. 
Tournaments have so many advantages versus cash games that great players today are mostly focusing on tournaments and they will play 4 or 5 tournament series and will relax the entire other part of the year. 
Even winning 2 or 3 tournament trophies and finishing in the money in several tournaments will pay for the entire years of expenses and provide buy-ins for the next year tournament series. 

I have come out with this book so that average tournament professionals can rise and become world’s best tournament professionals. I have taught students around the world and my material has been read by some of the world’s best pros for a lot of money. 

My other books also deal with PLO and NLHE in which I show in examples how I am able to crush online poker with ease and finesse and lift thousands of dollars in a very short period of time. You may also like to check them out. 

I have been a feared player in the online world known as ‘bts=u=’ and I believe it is time to share my secrets with the world on tournaments. 

I also have made vast study and learnt a lot from the world’s best pros on the Global Poker Index and this summation of knowledge I am sharing with you so that you too can become a millionaire like me and lead a baller life. 

I know it is easier said that done but if you do read this book cover to cover 10 times I believe you will becomes 100 times better as a tournament player than where you are currently and this means finishing in the top 3 positions in a tournament a lot more times. 

I believe this is the time to start and start taking down poker tournaments around the world for fame, glory and fortune. Let’s get started on the learning process. 

The topics I will cover in this book are 

• Tempo and why it matters 
• Importance of Reads on Players and how to take them 
• Getting and maintain a big stack in a tournament 
• How You can Trap your way to a bracelet 
• Art of Winning Poker Tournaments 
• Developing Intuition and the fine line between hunches and intuition 
• Final Table Tactics for winning tournament crowns 
• Hundreds of examples from the top 100 Global Poker Index players to develop skill and hand reading skills 

There is a lot of information condense in this book, just imagine if you are able to convert a tournament to finishing in the top 3 positions the rewards are immense. 
The first position of any tournament pays out so much in contrast to other positions that learning the art of winning tournaments and this book becomes an essential read for any player participating in the World Series Of Poker Tournament events and similar tournaments. If you play 100 tournaments and you are able to convert 10 tournaments into big wins it is so much better and rewarding and it is what this book promises. 

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