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Diamonds Down & Dirty

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For Odd Squad enforcer vampire Nico Sanzio da Urbino, the world has narrowed down to one question: which one of his two ancient benefactors controls the local Master—and therefore must be destroyed? Handicapped by an inflexible order-to-kill the Alpha, time is running out if he is to find a way to leverage a stay of execution for his soul mate.

For Alpha Jet Gorman, the question of cui bono from the Revelation of the preternatural world is easily answered: Henri du Champ. Through enough murders, mayhem, and machinations to make a mob boss proud, the Master Vampire of the city now commands a vast criminal network and must be stopped before he launches himself into the political—and vampire—stratosphere. Killing him won’t make their problems go away, but Jet’s certain that removing the alligator closest to the boat will give Nico room to find the answer he seeks.

Unable to risk being seen together, lest someone wonder why Jet is still alive, the two men work to unravel the decades-old plot. They will see that justice is done—even if they die trying.

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