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Captain ChickenFish and the Wonky Wormholes

127 pages1 hour


A boy from a planet on the other side of the universe, whose highly advanced inhabitants create and use wormholes to travel around in space, is accidentally transported to Earth when his wormhole generator malfunctions.

He is befriended by Katie and her friends, Kelvin, Molly and Sam, who help him try to fix the problem with his device and return home in time for his birthday dinner.

In the process they find themselves using wormholes to jump back and forth in time and space, confronting wild goats in the Himalayas, meeting leopards in Tanzania and collecting some special dust from a crater on the moon in 1972.

Will he make it back home in time, and what is to be made of the strange mystery about him that they discover when a wonky wormhole takes them to an amusement park ten years into the future?

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