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The Monster God: Coming to Terms with the Dark Side of Divinity

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The God of anger and judgment has been with us since the dawn of time, and surfaces widely today in the theology and experience of believers of all kinds of faith. This personal memoir provides a reflective, easy-to-read theological and philosophical analysis of how this god came to haunt our collective imaginations, how we can come to terms with him, and where we go from here. It explores the darker aspect of the divine in many of the world's Native traditions, as well as each of the three dominant religions in the West; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with a brief foray into other religions like Zoroastrianism and the mythology of the Hindus. It covers the nature of evil, the gods of wrath, betrayal and genocide, and the shadow side of God, Satan. It examines the implications of the monster God for people of faith, and attempts a reconciliation of God with us.

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