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Ever Wonder Why... You Feel Rejected?

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This book is part of a guide series that focuses on helping singles change their fate and those in relationships understand some of the frequent dynamics that we can improve by simply adapting our behaviours. Understanding insecurities within others and oneself can bring the necessary knowledge that makes a relationship work, or at least gives it its best shot.
Have you ever felt rejected and not understood why? Do you find it hard to handle rejection? Do you wish you could do something about it? Here is some advice: You’re an optimist. Yes, you might worry about things not going your way or hoping they would because you can’t change fate, but deep down you’re the optimist that met the pessimist, the narcissist, the sadist,... you get the picture. You met someone who would never dream of feeling rejected. You’re the one that does. Have you ever wondered why it’s always you? Pick your heart up off the floor. It’s not broken. It’s just your ego that’s bruised, and it’s not even because SHe didn’t do what you wanted him/her to do but because you are confused and don’t understand why. You want to ask him/her why but are kind of embarrassed? Good! You’re my kind of person and here’s WHY you’ve felt rejected:
You are such an inspired individual that you see it working with him/her. SHe knows him/herself better and is saving you the trouble. You never know why SHe is so negative or what SHe is looking for but have you thought that SHe might be looking for someone weaker, someone SHe could manipulate? That’s probably not you.
The next chapters will tell you why you feel rejected and why you never need to feel that way again.

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