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Zombie Outbreak Survival: The Rules

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I am a certified Texas retired Captain of the United States Marine Corps. Oorah! I served on several top-secret zombie outbreak response teams and even commanded a large zombie outbreak response unit stationed at Fort Hood. Today, I’m the local emergency response commander for my zone of the city I live in.

You've heard of Rules of Engagement? During combat actions we need to know The Rules so we can prioritize our tactics and strategies. Making The Rules is the first step. Knowing The Rules is the second step. Living The Rules is the last step.

If you've seen the absolutely outstanding movie "Zombieland" then you are familiar with The Rules. In "Zombieland 2" they continue with the thread about how having rules and sticking to them will save your life. Having rules and breaking them will cost you your life. Not having rules, well that's just f------ stupid.

Don't be stupid. Read my Zombie Outbreak Survival Guides. Because...
“In a zombie apocalypse, you need to be prepared to fight the living and the dead, but especially the living.”
“Zombies don’t kill people and take their s---; people kill people and take their s---.”
“In poker, a 9mm beats four aces.”

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