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Death Is a Cabaret: A Parody

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The preface notes the virtue of the straight and narrow over the crooked life of cabaret hedonism. Pleasure and pain are the right and left that take you from the road to bliss. The first parody is: Money. Wisdom is paramount over money. The second parody is: Cabaret. I belittle the whole decadent good times spiel. The third parody is: Willkommen. Here the gate of hell is revealed. The fourth parody is: Maybe This Time. I take a dim view of Sally Bowles' torch song despondency. The fifth and last parody is: Tomorrow Belongs to Me. I rip this social darwinist Nazi filth, and just as certainly Communist filth, for what it is. Their heathen yesterday belonged to Satan, and their tomorrow will go to the grave, very somber and dark.

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