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The Man, The Dog & Murder (The Christa Maitland Series, #1)

221 pages3 hours


After the tragic loss her lover two years earlier, Christa Maitland believes she's finally reached a reasonable stage of coping with life. She's built a new way of living, is happy, and looks forward to each day. That is, until Kendall Dragonwood walks into her Rhode Island gift shop.
In one brief moment, Kendall turns Christa's life upside down when he challenges her to join him in his search for a lost family heirloom. The very same one he claims her boyfriend, Eric Hollander, stole from him. To add to the challenge, he has the audacity to accuse Christa of knowing its whereabouts.
The jaw-dropping news that Eric may still be among the living, causes Christa to enter a perilous, yet daring adventure, while wondering if she's been foolish to believe a complete stranger. A handsome, Celtic, and dangerous stranger, at that. Can she trust him? She soon finds out as she heads out on her own to find the treasure belonging to the Dragonwood family.

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