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Heart Of A Prince

Length: 244 pages3 hours


An unwilling, Lady Adria deLambert, on her way to wed Prince Lionel deFitholden, is involved in an accident. 
Her coach hits a peasant girl who can pass for her sister. Seizing the opportunity to escape an arranged betrothal, the duchess with the aid of her servant
 dresses the peasant in her clothes. Meanwhile at the castle, the Prince Lionel deFitz Holden has his cousin switch places also hoping to deceive the duchess. 
Dragged away from her family, Joceline Walsh is bound and driven away to be brought to India for sale on the slave market. 
She escapes only to be hit by a couch and with no memory of who she is, and finds herself betrothed. 
The deception of both parties leads to heartache, jealousy and attempted murder. 

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