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Health in the 21st Century / 21世紀の健康について

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Originally, health was something that each of us judged based on our own perceptions of our body. Indeed, this is the natural way, and each of us is responsible for maintaining our own health. Today, however, our excessive preoccupation with it has turned a basic thing like health into a source of anxiety that weighs constantly upon our mind. To exit from these cycles of anxiety, I think we human beings need to become able to shift our consciousness away from our pursuit of health and toward an appreciation for the wonders of life. We need to discover the amazing power of natural healing that flows within our own life-energy. To draw out this incredibly marvelous healing power and switch it to ‘on-mode,’ we must firmly direct our attention to it. Otherwise, it will remain forever unnoticed.
— Masami Saionji

— 西園寺昌美

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