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Six Degrees of Separation: A Curriculum on World Religion

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In a world becoming smaller and smaller, one encounters different world views and religions on a regular basis. But what is the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim? What is the difference between a Hindu and a Buddhist?

As a cosmopolitan world where the majority of people claim religious identities, education is the key to understanding the differences and similarities between faith traditions. SIX DEGREES is a curriculum for adults that communities can use to increase their understanding of major world religions and foster interfaith dialogue. Learn about holidays, revelation, religious focus, and origins. Discuss and unpack current events related to world religions and give context to the actions of religious sects. Find the commonalities between religions, and the places where all people can focus in order to create a better world through understanding and conversation.

SIX DEGREES gives communities the tools they need to extend hands in true friendship and understanding to those of different faith traditions.

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