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Crackerjack Positioning: How to Control the Way People Think About You in the Marketplace

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If you want the rare ability to literally control the way people think about you in the marketplace... even if your advertising is weak and your branding non-existent... then this new book will show you how it's done.

The book is called: Crackerjack Positioning - How to Control the Way People Think About You in the Marketplace

It's short, to-the-point and, if you apply the tips inside, can as much as double (even triple) your sales over time.

Some of the tips inside include:

• How to almost instantly (even today!) make it so people want to buy from you (and only you) and nobody else

• The secret of the $50 hamburger

• How the world's top Pay-Per-Click leader quickly took top positioning (and how you can do the same in your niche)

• How to "piggy back" off today's media-obsessed culture to get top-of-mind positioning in your field

• How Wal-Mart got top retailer positioning (and why you should probably NOT copy their strategy)

• The simple-as-pie "power positioning" secret used by the greatest living copywriter today

• A secret shortcut way to get top positioning (if you did nothing but this, you'd never have to worry about cash flow ever again)

• Why calling yourself an "expert" will kill your sales and positioning (if you bill yourself as an expert - STOP! Do this instead...)

• How to use the near-magical power of contrast to get instant credibility and solid positioning in the marketplace

• Why tattle-tales get great positioning (this may not make you popular with your colleagues, but it will make you popular with paying customers)

• And much, much more.

This quick-read is jam packed with proven, usable positioning tips.

With no long hours of study necessary.

And no fluff to wade through to get to the meat.

In fact, you can easily read it in one sitting, and start profiting from the information the very same day!

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