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Your Mission is to Go Back in Time and Kill Saint Paul on Malta

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A Muslim time traveler from Dubai called Hamza goes back in time with the intent of wiping out Christianity by killing all the early saints. His first target is St. Paul and he is to kill Paul when he arrives on the island of Malta in 60 AD. Hamza is successful in killing Paul but before he can move on to the next saint on his list he is captured by the Roman Garrison Commander of Malta.

After being subjected to an intense interrogation Hamza manages to escape back to his own time. He arrives back in Dubai only to find the Roman Empire never fell. As he arrives back the daily Roman iron ore ship from Jupiter’s moon Ganymede blocks out the sunlight as it descends into Dubai Spaceport; it is one kilometer wide by four kilometers long.

There is no Christianity here and Hamza rejoices because he has somehow been successful. His joy is short lived however because there is no Islam on this world either. Hamza must find out why Islam disappeared and then he must go back and fix the consequences of his actions and this needs to be done very, very quickly before the ripples coming forward in time from 60 AD block out all chances of changing this new future.

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