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Malakhim Volume 5: Super Human

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Ben is so sick of making mistakes. Everything he does seems to make everything else worse. Suddenly things are starting to change, and Ben's sure he's going to screw that up too. He keeps tripping all over himself, but he still keeps trying. Heartbreak just doesn't stop this little boy from reaching out.

Ben's dead. Things that happen in the human world aren't supposed to be his business anymore. Ben doesn't see a human world and a supernatural one, though. He sees the world around him, and that's all.

Ben can finally do something, now. He can finally affect the world around him. He can actually affect it in a pretty big way. He doesn't really want power, but now he's got it. He's not quite so helpless. All he really wants is to help. Finally there might be a way.

When a human being is about to die at the hands of another, it doesn't matter how many angels are watching over them. Nobody is supposed to interfere. They go to comfort the dead, to help them on their way home, but they won't stop it from happening. That's the way it is, and the way it's supposed to be.

Ben can't stand it. He can't just watch it happen. He knows it's going to screw everything up even worse, but he can't let somebody die. It's just a little help. Just a little intervention. He's got a good heart, and good intentions. He tells himself it will be okay.

Everything will be okay.

Won't it?

Let's take a breath and shelter a while, beneath the wings of Praise. Let's watch little Ben find his way, and see what happens when nobody's looking after him. Try to look forward, when everything inside screams to look back.

Try to think about yummy baking things, instead of blood and burning flesh.

They're very yummy, those baking things.

You can make them, too.

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