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The Farloft Chronicles: Collection 2

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The Farloft Chronicles, Collection No. 2 is a combined volume of the beloved tales of Farloft the dragon. Join Farloft for "Too Many Dragons," "Three & a Half Dragons" and "Dragon Memories, Dreams & Reflections." These are stories for anyone, any age, who loves dragons, great characters and vibrant storytelling. Farloft the Dragon is joined by his adopted son James, Clearair, Anna, the Healer, Theresa and her niece Sarah, Adrian the Bard, Larkin the Queen and many, many more memorable characters.

Vol. 4 - A mysterious visitor from the east has arrived in the Kingdom accompanied by an eastern dragon, Thrax, an old acquaintance of Farloft the Dragon. Once a friend - now an enemy this new dragon and his companion bring nothing, but trouble to the Kingdom of the Last Dragons.

Vol. 5 - James does not have Farloft's full attention. There is a baby on the way that will throw the entire Kingdom into chaos.

Vol. 6 - Farloft’s recollections of his early life with the Healer, Theresa. A life filled with magic, adventure, intrigue, deception, and murder ... All woven together by the love of a boy, a girl and a dragon.

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