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The Day of Dithingstump

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In a world where England has fallen to the forces of the Germanischen leader Adolf Hister and London is now called New Berlin, a group of rebels in the town of Dithingstump, on the northern border of the Northeastern Reichstadt of Occupied Britain, try to prevent the Reich from spreading Hister’s reign to other universes, alternate universes with different histories. But the machine that will take Hister’s armies to the other-dimenional universes is being built, and soon it will be finished.

Michael is an engineer on the project and must decide whether he will continue to collaborate with the invaders, or make a stand for truth, despite the fact that he might have to sacrifice his scientific career, or even his life.

If you like reading about alternate universes, if you enjoyed Philip K Dick's "The Man in the High Castle," or "Fatherland" by Robert Harris, if the television show "Fringe" is one of your favourites, or you enjoy the CS Lewis novel, "The Dark Tower," then this is a book you will enjoy.

This is the 2nd edition.

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