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Kline's Crews

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This intriguing novel begins with the modern day story of a burned-out crime reporter reluctantly sent by her persistent editor to interview an elementary school teacher who just retired after 40 years in the classroom. The reporter learns many surprising lessons during the interview with the teacher who is retired but very far from retiring.
During the interview, the teacher mentally transports the reporter back in time more than thirty years. While there, she learns the story of the teacher’s most amazing student and his puzzling secret. She also “witnesses” the teacher’s encounters with an incredible group of students; a neighboring nemesis, the art teacher; Dawg, the school janitor; and, a three star US Marine Corps general.
This inspirational book is a must read for: all teachers/educators; any parent with a son or daughter who doesn’t quite fit the “normal” mold; near-teens, adolescents, and adults with unique talents; and anyone who enjoys reading a heart-warming story with twists and turns as well as characters that are...well, real characters!
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll wish you were a member of Kline’s Crew!

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