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The Things They Love: Erotic Stories of Women in Love and Lust with Objects

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These hardcore erotic romance stories are geared toward the objectum sexual community, those with romantic and sexual feelings for objects. If you've wondered how it all happens, or want spicy hot images to feul your own objectum sexuality, this is for you!
The first story is Girl Meets Camaro.
Jade knows all about Camaros. She'd had an ongoing love affair with them since she'd been very young. But not until she was a teenager and she took her first ride in a passion-red 1967 model with a special performance V-8 package had she realized her attraction was physical...even erotic.
It seemed, though, that her realization came too late. The Camaro was taken out of production in 2002. She would never know the thrill of discovering the one meant for her, one unsullied by a previous owner.
Still, she never lets go of the hope that one day her lover might appear. One day he does...the 2015 Green Flash edition in emerald green.
The second story is Girl Meets Toaster.
Sabina has long had a thing for machines. Not just any machines...ones with motors and gears, ones with levers and life, ones that produced food.
For much of her life, they were just friends. The waffle maker with its crosshatch grin greeted her every morning. The dough mixer was a wonderful sister with a delicate bowl and dainty size.
Then she meets him: Hobart, an industrial toaster that can crisp four slices of bread at once. Its slots can accommodate whole wheat as easily as hefty slabs of Texas toast, and its knobs...well, she finds out more about the knobs when she is finally alone with Hobart in the diner.
Toasty hot girl on machine action!

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