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The Angels of Everland

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The Angels of Everland by Mark Touchette is a science fiction story full of illustrations and lyrics by the author. The story starts in modern times and is about the angels recruiting children and adults to help in the battle against evil. The main character is Daniel Quick, a bright ten year old boy at the beginning of the story. He is brought to the planet of Everland after an abusive childhood and given a special gift to help the angels and all of the universe. He makes new friends along the way with the new arrivals, and forms the most powerful team in the universe. Each child or adult is given a unique techno-magical ability and the equipment to help the angels in the war against the chaotic evil forces. The story stretches across the universe and many habited planets. The teams deal with an assortment of issues from the abuse and neglect of children, or healing the sick, to stopping global catastrophes. The Universe has existed and gone many times before. The story takes place in the middle of the ninth universe and stretches until its end when the last star is left. This is a story of hope, faith, and the future of the universe as the civilizations and planets learn to live together. Great sacrifices are needed to insure that life will endure until the end of the universe and the next big bang.

The illustrations of characters and cover art are also by Mark Touchette

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