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Syria's Rocky Road to Recovery

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This, my third volume on the Syrian crisis, first briefly reviews the background to the Syrian crisis, the biggest humanitarian disaster of our time. After identifying the soft power forces being paid to undermine Syria, it then explores the reasons those NGOs and other NATO controlled forces are so determined to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic. It also proposes some possible solutions, most of which, though not in any way acceptable or feasible in today's climate are, as we shall see, still useful in discourses on practical policy implementation.
These solutions are modeled on robust solutions that were used to address similarly big problems in former times. The deNazification process is particularly important as it shows that, if the commitment is there, major threats such as that the Nazis posed or the one the Muslim Brotherhood currently pose, can be eviscerated Conversely, if the will to identify and tackle the problem is not there, then the abyss and Armageddon beckon.

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