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A Life Full of Adventure & Love (A Pair of Mail Order Bride Romances)

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Mail Order Bride: Rescuing Her Kidnapped Sister With The Help Of Her Detective Fiancé - Two sisters from London set out for America to become mail order brides, but not together. One follows the other on a ship that set sail the previous day, and then meets up with her supposed mail order husband who is a Pinkerton detective. They set off for Nevada for any sign of the woman’s sister, who they believe is being held against her will.

Mail Order Bride: Accident Prone & Headed For Her Tall Cowboy - An overweight and accident-prone woman from Boston decides to make her way to Oklahoma, and to a tall cowboy with a checkered past. She doesn’t know that, and when she finds out, has almost decided to return to Boston when a few odd incidents drive any thought of returning home right out of her mind.

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