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Rogue Rage (Mister Hobo, #2)

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“They’re not going to send a crazy man out to be killed, are they?”
“Who else will go?”

Joseph Heller, Catch 22

Life isn’t always easy on the Thin Blue Line. Troubles began in a fatal hotel fire and a related arson in a Little China gang’s drug warehouse. A Federal cover up of fraud, murder, and corruption in The Chinese Fire Drill case made it go cold fast.

Now there are more troubles in Precinct 6.The arsonists had also filched millions in mafia jewels, stolen the Little China gang’s drug cache, and deliberately started a turf gang war.

A jaded, stressed, and haunted Patrolman H. O. Beau has his own problems. Hobo’s been saddled with a raw rookie to train, a gang leader from Little China oddly wants Hobo dead, and ruthless mob enforcers have been called in to hunt for those stolen jewels. Sneaky detective friends have also involved Hobo in their own search for them. All that could easily get an already gut angry cop killed.

In addition, a hot tempered diva with a dogged crush still has the too wary Hobo targeted for love, but she has convict family issues, and Hobo is determined to stay alive, sane, and away from her.

At times, a lowly street cop like Mister Hobo must fight against those he should. Sometimes, he fights with those he shouldn’t. The hardest battles are often fought within, but unwittingly wound those closest to the heart.

Life isn’t always easy on the Thin Blue Line, especially for Mister Hobo, and now there are sirens bound for more lethal life and love troubles in “Rogue Rage”.

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