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To Honor (Vampire Assassin League, #22)

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Takeshi Asourah is a ninja.  Last member of a secret clan.  Silent.  Deadly.  Emotionless.  A lifetime of training created him.  Possessing a heart is a weakness.  Emotion a trap.  Honor is ingrained.  Strength of character most prized.  Centuries of vampirism have honed him into the perfect killing machine.  There is no better assassin.  And then a simple assignment opens up a world of wonder with one look into her eyes...     


Christine Diachenko is a corporate golden girl.  She’s good.  And she knows it.  She’s got a big job.  Big pay.  Big responsibilities.  She doesn’t play games.  Life is too short.  She delivers high dollar international shipments.  Handles diplomatic relations.  Knows several languages and all kinds of protocol.  But none of that is worth much when she’s kidnapped.  Her shipment hijacked.  And nobody around to help…except a shadow.


From the first moment their gazes touch, the connection is formed.  Her dragon green eyes are like jade.  Clear.  Deep.  Hypnotic.  Takeshi recognizes her.  She is his mate.  Her proximity has the ability to regenerate.  He’s hooked.  Stunned.  Off-kilter.  He doesn’t know what love is.  How to recognize it.  Act on it.  He desperately needs to figure out how to handle these emotions.  

…before it’s too late.

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