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Society Girls: Neveah

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The gun-shy woman is trusting the well-known player to help her face her fears, but is he the one she should be afraid of?

Ever since her father was killed in an accidental shooting, Neveah Ayoub has never wanted to touch a gun, much less shoot one. She’ll have to do both if she wants to become a full agent in the Society, the secret group of female spies led by her friend Reina Corrigan. When basketball superstar Dylan Gallagher offers to help her, she ends up facing more than she bargained for—both personally, and professionally.

Dylan Gallagher made a promise as a teenager, and it’s one he’s not going to break, even if it means hurting the woman he’s falling in love with. Neveah is the tie that binds his past to his future, and even when he tries to do the right thing, he’ll risk them both in his quest for honor.

In a battle of love vs. loyalty, will lies and deception win, or can family and forgiveness give everyone a shot at happiness?

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