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Gamma2: a newly terraformed planet. Crashtown: a place created out of the shards and rubble of a crashed space ship. Titus: the lonely firstborn of Crashtown. Titus has only one friend: Bad'bot, whose attitude is to “steal, dismantle or break things", so the Crashtowners can't wait to disassemble the robot and use it for spare parts. Escaping into the uncharted wilderness, the youth and the robot must survive on their own, and Bad'bot must redeem himself. However, a space ship newly arrives from Beta4, the sponsor planet, to return home with payment in raw materials and other assets, Titus and his robot must avoid capture, and disentangle themselves from the secret rebellion, which might mean the end of both of them. An evocative short science fiction story about making ends meet, the sacrifices made for freedom and friendship, and unlikely heroes.

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