Lands End: a novel

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Lands End: a novel

Length: 325 pages4 hours


Meet Phil McManus, native San Franciscan, Baby Boomer, street cop—a guy trying to make sense of his past and desperate about his future in a rapidly changing world.

His 29-year old boss is driving him to retirement after 37 years in the SFPD, just as a surprise romance with a beautiful, self-sufficient, hyper-confident woman offers McManus the promise of a new life.

But there is mayhem in Phil’s beloved city. When his high school football teammate—a former NFL player and Assistant SF Fire Chief—is found stabbed and brutally murdered in the fog at Lands End, McManus becomes a prime suspect.  Soon, he will begin to appreciate his mother’s childhood warning: “Don’t get your hopes up, Phil. Just when things go good, they go bad.”

Take a riveting ride with Officer Phil McManus and find out what lies in wait at Lands End.

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