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Chic to Freak (a Nerd Girl Revenge / Geek Transformation Story)
Chic to Freak (a Nerd Girl Revenge / Geek Transformation Story)
Chic to Freak (a Nerd Girl Revenge / Geek Transformation Story)
Ebook40 pages29 minutes

Chic to Freak (a Nerd Girl Revenge / Geek Transformation Story)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

~ When are you at risk of being a real-life supervillain? When you accidentally discover your own power to transform your nemesis into a nerd—or when you choose to use your power a second time? ~

Patrice loves her newfound high school existence. And that's a rare thing for a certified nerd.

Ever since The Great Fall of Becky Worthington—when the biggest bully of them all, hell-bent on harassing Patrice to the end of her teenage days, was transformed into someone altogether ignorable—Patrice's school life is almost normal. Well, if you can call having your own freak fan base and band of loyal misfit followers "normal."

Luckily, the entire student body, and even the few teachers who witnessed the shocking sight, are largely, conveniently, beginning to forget the whole thing. Even Patrice wonders whether it all really happened. Until the new pouting and pitiful version of Becky throws herself at Patrice's feet and begs for nerd mercy.

There's a new bully in school, quick to claim the title and ensure no school day passes in peace. Patrice is the only one that can do something about it. The problem is, Patrice doesn't care. She's not the one being picked on; it's not her problem this time.

And she's having enough trouble as it is dealing with the guilty conscience that comes along with being a good-girl-gone-supervillain.

~ One geek girl's sweet revenge is a new nerd girl's salvation and leaves so much more than just a sour taste for a much deserving high school bully. ~


This geekily gratifying tale brings all of your favorite geek transformation themes to life for you to experience intimately: nerd girl, ugly transformation, high school bully, revenge school stories, geek girl, nerd books, ugly girls, ya science fiction, ya reads

About the Series

~ Revenge isn't just sweet; it's utterly satisfying. ~

Patrice should be proud of graduating to the freshmen class of Lakewood High. She should be excited about the new friends she'll make, the older boys eager to ask her out, the parties she'll be invited to. But no, that's not the high school experience that awaits her. Patrice is a nerd. Patrice has instant enemies.

Not even Patrice can guess just how her farfetched, desperation-driven solution will perform or if it even will on one oh-so deserving figure at school after another. The fun part is that she doesn't even care. At least, she'll have used her knack for organic chemistry for real good—because revenge isn't evil, is it?

PublisherArdour Press
Release dateFeb 17, 2016
Chic to Freak (a Nerd Girl Revenge / Geek Transformation Story)
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Tina Tirrell

~ Tina Tirrell Knows Fetish, and She's Not Afraid to Write the Forbidden ~I love to write stories. Some of them are dirty little stories. They help me express myself: those things that I’ve done, the ones that I’d love to do, and even the things I swear I’d never, ever do...There’s a big, wide world of experiences out there. Some of the most interesting ones are erotic experiences... some of them more taboo than others. Believe me, I know ALL the possibilities. I’ve been learning from my big sister for years, just peeking in when she’s in front of the camera doing one of her über sexy solo acts. She seduces the camera and all her viewing fans like I woo with words. It’s about time that I put all that pent up sexual energy to good use!I’m a bit shy... you’d never tell from my writing. I like to just let my mind wander to the most deviant corners and share all my naughty written adventures with you.And I'd love to know what YOU would love for me to write about! Email me at TinaTirrell @ Ardourpress.com, and thank you for supporting my work with your star ratings, reviews, and recommendations to your friends! Be sure to sign up to join my mailing list so you never miss any discounts, promotions, free stuff, and special announcements: http://www.ardourpress.com/mailing/?p=subscribe&id=1Now, onto the good stuff! These are my dirty little stories...

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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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    Book preview

    Chic to Freak (a Nerd Girl Revenge / Geek Transformation Story) - Tina Tirrell

    What Readers Are Saying about

    Chic to Freak:

    THANK YOU for continuing the nerdification! Chic to Freak definitely tops the first book, and I can't wait to see what else happens at Lakewood High!

    I didn't know sci-fi could be this much fun. Imagine living in a world where the nerds can totally turn the tables on the school bullies, snobs, and everyone else! At least, I can live it in this series!

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    Chic to Freak


    Tina Tirrell

    Published by Ardour Press


    Smashwords Edition

    Copyright © 2015 Tina Tirrell, All Rights Reserved

    Thank you for choosing this book and supporting your favorite authors.

    This book is solely a work of fiction.

    All characters are fictionally created and all engaged in sexual activities are mutually consenting and 18 years of age or older. Any perceived resemblance to persons, living or dead, places, events, or locales within is purely coincidental and not intended by the author. All characters, names, places, events, businesses, incidents, and other details contained herein are creations of the author’s imagination or are used completely fictitiously.

    This book is for your personal enjoyment only.

    In accordance with international copyright law, this book, in full or in part, may not be scanned, copied, duplicated, reproduced, uploaded, transmitted, resold, or distributed online or offline without prior, explicit permission of the author.


    Table of Contents

    Chic to Freak

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    About Author Tina Tirrell

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    Chic to Freak

    I'm not a supervillain. I chanted it to myself so many times each night before I fell asleep.

    Don't get me wrong—I think comic-book-type characters are kick-ass. If you could really just pop off the page and be one in real life—superpowers and all—that would be awesome. But I didn't want to be evil. You know, the villain bit.

    I was determined not to let the new, unbelievably cool secret at my disposal go to my head. After all, all I really wanted was to just be normal, to fit in, to be seen as one of the rest of them, and to

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