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Yard Sale—Everything Must Go (Generations Book One)

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This riveting story carries the reader through three generations and three sales. You can sell off your possessions, but the Franklin and Holloway families come to realize that it is the people you love and who love you that are important. Meet Henry Franklin, a deceitful, self-centered man, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. It is his greed that almost destroys his family and ultimately leads to the first yard sale. As the story unfolds, you will come to love the wit and humor of LouJean, and the caring nature of Anna, whose dedication to her husband and family create a need for a yard sale. Colleen is the third generation forced to make the ultimate decision to sell off all of her possessions. Along the way, you will encounter an array of interesting characters that help to enrich the story. Each chapter will bring you closer to their lives and you will remember them long after you read the last page.

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