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Lessons in Living: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God

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Life is a sequence of random dots. Some of these dots are successes some are failures. Some of them are highs like marriage and children and others are lows like divorce or death. While as random as they may appear on the surface, with proper connection God reveals a wonderful message of His faithfulness and favor upon our lives and how He is at work making all things beautiful in its season. So take the journey through Lessons in Living: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God and allow its stories to help you see some hidden message within it’s ordinary; allow it to awaken in you an Extraordinary God loosely moving and ministering within your ordinary and making of you a better person, moving you to some better places, and motivating you to do better in your practice of service toward others. Let’s get started..... A brighter, bigger and more beautiful future awaits you in the journey.

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