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Immortal Killers: Nathan K, #1

216 pages3 hours


"Fantasy at it's best, fast, fun, furious, crazy, and immortal!" - 5-star reader review


When Nathan Flynn finds himself on the wrong end of a knife, everything changes. He should have died. Instead, he acquires a special ability - he can harbor two souls in his body. If he dies, he loses one soul yet continues on. As long as he replenishes his second soul, he cannot be killed - he's immortal.

Gaining immortality throws him into a world of secret organizations and elite assassins. A world of Immortals in which mankind is second class.

But Nathan wants to help people, not destroy them. And when he tries to leave, he learns that freedom will be a lot harder to gain than he thinks ...

With 100,000+ readers, Stuart Jaffe brings another series that delivers lightning-paced thrills with fantasy twist.

More 5-star reader reviews:

"Hooked from the start."

"Excellent start to a great series"

"An all nighter!!!!!"

"Kick butt story"

"Great read from a great storyteller"

"Interesting take on immortality with suspense and mystery"

"Exciting and thrilling action!"

"An unusual tale of immortality which will pull you in!"

"Gripping new take on superpowers"

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