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The Typhon Expanse

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Welcome to the future

For nearly a hundred and fifty years the Terran Union, born of the fires of nuclear terrorism and fear of the other, has expanded across space despite all opposition, all threats real or imagined. In the build up to cataclysmic war, the Typhon expanse, rich in resources and filled with enemies. becomes the staging ground for a conflict between civilizations.

This anthology’s stories tell some of the tales of the Union in its relentless advance. Stories include:
- A survey captain’s descent into madness, losing his soul to an alien horror (The Echo of Nothing by Michael Huddlestone)
- A young alien girl discovering that good intentions pave the way to hell (The Alien Integration Act by Ash Rutherford))
- An orphan turned assassin on a colony world finding her place (To Be the Surgeon by Michelle Mullins)
- An unexpected leader joins the fight for freedom on the red planet, and beyond. (The Queen of Mars by Marc Murkin)
- An oppressive corporation on an irradiated, barren world grinding its workers down, and the beginning of their heroic response. (The Dawn of Change by Joelle Cronin)
- The violent backlash on an orbital farming colony, in response to worldwide attacks on Earth (Sunraysia by Chris Picone)
- Intrigue and suspense on the day the apocalypse came calling. (Ghosts of the
Past by William Elliot)
- A young hacker, pursued by a relentless gestapo-like police, seeking escape for her and her AI companion (The Chase by Terry Mullins)
- An AI, finding itself in the one human polity to defy the Union. (Jelana by Stephen Ryan)
- An astronaut awakens to a strange landscape with technology beyond imagining and creatures that mean her harm (Grey Matter by Marley Hannan)

And more in

The Typhon Expanse.

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