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Murders and Alibis

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Laura Croft was looking out the window as her husband Bruce was driving off to his work. He starts at seven in the morning. She, herself, doesn't start before nine o'clock, as she had recently been promoted to department manager at the store where she works. Bruce had at several occasions asked her if it wasn't time for them to have a baby. Not just yet, she answered each time. Laura couldn't even think of having a baby. How should it look if I had an eight pounds baby in my small body, and what about the milk, my small firm breast would look like a cow's, on my small body? No, no baby for this girl. Even Bruce's parents kept asking about a grandchild. Each time she answered, not just yet. Bruce started to lose his temper, and one day he told Laura, On Monday I'm going with the company to Seattle, it could be for ten days, or maybe two weeks. We don't know for sure. But Laura when I return, either we have a baby, or I will put in for divorce. It took some time for Laura to digest what he had said. Then with a smile, she said, remember the parties we used to have together a few years ago, would you like to have one before you leave? Yeah sure, answered Bruce, and sent Laura out to buy what they needed while he took care of the drinks and took out all the glasses, and what they would need for the party. The clock was eleven before Bruce was sleeping on the floor. Laura pushed his body on to a rug and started to drag his body into the garage. She had to use a car jack to get his body into the large freezer. Then she invited has parents for a dinner, and served them part of Bruce's leg. They both complimented Laura on the tasty meat. It didn't take long before the police came and asked if she knew where her husband was. She got caught and taken to court, where she was by several psychiatrists declared insane and had to spend many years in an asylum.

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