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Stranglehold: A Tale from Champion City

175 pages2 hours


Rage! Frustration! Anger! Grief! Pain! Loss! A storm gathers around Thurman Dicke in his relentless pursuit of The Quiet Man. A previously ignored calling card comes to light and he's one step closer to nailing the strangler. The killer strikes close when Thurman uncovers the murder of a missing friend and almost takes his heart when the reckless killer in flight nearly kills someone dear. Headlong pursuit, Thurman Dicke and Bill Davis get too close and the killer lashes out. As the young gumshoe gets closer the killer becomes more unstable. Can Dwayne Rivers help put the last piece in place? There's a cost to pursuing a psychopath who holds Champion City in a Stranglehold. Stranglehold: A Tale of Champion City by Author J. Walt Layne (A Week in Hell, Breathless). From Pro Se Productions.

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