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Robinetta: Her five year mission to seek out the places everyone else says are good: Robinetta, #1

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We bought our 22'6" Gaff cutter in 2007, and have been lavishing love, attention, and time on her ever since. When she was 75 years old, in 2012, we decided to collect together our various blog posts and edit them together to publish in book form.

We sail Robinetta on the East Coast of England, in waters familiar to many people. There are tales of adventure, misadventure, and maintenance within, but we do our best to avoid high drama! 

Robinetta is a pocket size boat, but we think she is just the right size for a couple who enjoy week long cruises. Cheap to berth, and pretty to look at; what's not to like? Well, she's made of wood for a start.....

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